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************      Kingman Bass Club   ******

**********************        Constitution And Bylaws       ***************

 **************************                             Rev. Feb 1, 2014                      ***********************
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Section 1 - Name

The club shall be called the Kingman Bass Club

Section 2 - Purpose

To improve our skill as bass anglers through a fellowship of friendly exchange of expert bass catching techniques and ideas, and to promote and encourage youth awareness, and a love for this great recreational sport.

Section 3 - Club Philosophy

The club was formed for the purpose of creating a weekend fisherman's organization.  The only limitations this club shall have are those imposed by state and local laws as those voted on and approved by the general membership.


Section 1 - Number of Members

The club shall maintain at least 3 teams.

Section 2 - Requirement for Membership

             A - Complete a membership application

             B - Express a genuine interest in bass fishing and club functions

             C - Must be 16 years of age (anyone under the age of 18 must provide written approval from their legal guardian before fishing)

             D - The President will notify the prospective new member of the club's decision and review the Constitution and By-Laws as well as the Tournament Rules with the new member

Section 3 - Membership Dues

The membership dues shall be $35 annually, due on or before the first scheduled club meeting of each year, New members will pay dues upon acceptance into the club.  Teams are allowed to have a sub for 2 tournaments(excluding Fish Off) of the year.  If sub fishes 1 tournament, they shall pay half of the membership dues.  If sub fishes 2 tournaments, they shall pay full membership price.

Section 4 - Meetings of Members

The membership shall hold regular meeting on the Wednesday prior to a one-day tournament, or 2 Wednesdays (10 days) before a two-day tournament.  The meeting time will be 7:00 p.m.

Section 5 - Termination of Membership

A member shall be terminated for the following:

          A - failure to pay dues

          B - any action which would reflect dishonor and disgrace upon the club

          C - an unwillingness to participate in club activities

          D - a consistent failure to comply with club rules

          E - failure to provide proof of insurance


Section 1 - Officers and their duties

         A - President:  Presides over all meetings and directs all official business.  He shall provide leadership and planning for all club activities, appoint and direct all committee functions.  The President will not vote on issues unless required to break a tie vote, at which time, his/her vote will determine the motions' acceptance or rejection.

        B - Vice President/Tournament Director:  Assists the President in carrying out his/her duties and acts in behalf of him/her during his/her absence.  As Tournament Director, he/she will have the authority over the conduct of the tournament, will obtain necessary permits, and determine the check-in site and weigh-in time.  The Tournament Director records weights and tournament statistics at weigh-in.

       C - Webmaster:  Will maintain permanent records.

       D - Assistant Tournament Director:  Will assist the Tournament Director in all duties.  Will act as Tournament Director in his/her absence.

       E - Weighmaster:  Has the responsibility of the club's scales, measuring and weighing of all fish presented for weigh-in, and the determination of the weigh-in site.

       F - Assistant Weighmaster:  Assists Weighmaster in all duties and performs those duties in the absence of the Weighmaster.  Weighs and measures the Weighmaster's catch during tournaments.

       G - Treasurer:  Shall maintain a checking account in the club name, collect dues and tournament entry fees, and pay accounts payable.  Shall render a financial statement/report concerning the status of the club's account balance at the beginning of the monthly meeting following the reading of the previous month's minutes.  Additionally he/she shall maintain current liability insurance for the club and keep an active file of boaters' liability insurance.  The Treasurer will also chair the Contact Committee to insure all members receive all communications.  He/she may recruit help as needed on approval of the President.

       H - Secretary:  Records the minutes of all meetings.  Shall assist the Treasurer in his/her duties and perform those duties in case of his/her absence.  The Secretary shall be an active member of the contact committee.

Exception:  Any member will be allowed to perform or assist in the duties of other members on the approval of the President.  This is subject to their qualifications to perform that task.

Section 2 - Elections

The election of officers shall be held annually at a regular meeting during the month of October.  Elections shall be by simple majority of the members present.  Election of each officer shall be held separately in order as listed in Article III Section 1: 1st President, 2nd Vice President/Tournament Director, 3rd Webmaster, 4th Assistant Tournament Director, 5th Weighmaster, 6th Assistant Weighmaster, 7th Treasurer, and 8th Secretary.

Section 3 - Vacancies

In the event an office becomes vacant, an appointment shall be made by the President to fill the remaining term of the individual vacating the office.

Section 4 - Eligibility to Vote

Must be present at the meeting when the elections are being held and be a member in good standing.

Section 5 - Term of Office

The term of office is for one calendar year, which shall begin on January 1st, or until the successor assumes office.

Section 6 - Eligibility for Holding Office

To be eligible for an office, a member must have been active in the club for 6 months, or have special qualifications or experience that would allow the Board of Directors to waive the required 6-month experience.  He/she must also have shown and active interest in club functions and have expressed a desire to contribute time and effort to the club.


All standing committees will serve one calendar year or until a new committee is appointed. The terms of the committee members will coincide with that of the President.

       A - Board of Directors: The board of directors will consist of 5 members: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Weighmaster, and Secretary.  The President will call all meetings of the Board of Directors and preside at such meetings.  The Secretary will record the minutes of the meetings.  The Board of Directors will decide all protests and rule on all violations of the tournament rules and bylaws of the club when appropriately received.

       B - Youth Committee:  The purpose of the Youth Committee will be to plan, organize and promote all activities related to youth awareness.  The President will appoint members of the youth committee.


The Treasurer will be responsible for all club assets, including the proper procurement of those assets and proper record keeping of the assignment of those assets to club members.  All proposed club expenditures will be presented at a club meeting by the Treasurer, for approval, before the expenditures are paid.  Exceptions, such as emergencies, must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.  Any member in good standing shall feel free to make a motion for club expenditures they feel are in the best interest of the club.  The motion must receive a second and be approved by a majority of the voters present to carry.


The club shall purchase liability insurance for the current year, and all boaters must maintain personal liability insurance on the boats they are using during tournaments.  Any boat being used in a club function must have documentation of proof of insurance on record with the club Treasurer or present that information to the Treasurer prior to the use of that equipment.


Any changes or additions to the bylaws must be submitted in writing to one of the officers of the club and brought to motion at the October general meeting, seconded, and voted on.  A majority vote of members present is required to pass and/or approve the change or addition.  Said change and/or addition to the bylaws, shall become effective January 1st of the next year.  If there is a change necessary due to circumstances beyond the club's control, a motion may be made at the next general meeting, seconded, and voted-in by a a majority vote of members present, and be effective for the same time frame.

Tournament rules shall remain in force for the tournament year and any suggested changes should be submitted in writing to a tournament committee member, President, Vice-President, or Weighmaster to be brought before the club at the October meeting, motioned, seconded, and voted in by a majority vote of the present members, to be effective January 1st of the next year.

If circumstances bring cause to make change during the year, motions may be brought up an any general meeting.  These motions will be reviewed by the board and brought to the next general meeting to be placed before the membership.  If a decision is made to vote on the motion, it will follow the majority guidelines set down under Article VII.


Section 1 - Number of Tournaments

Tournaments will be held monthly based on a January through November year.  The participants' best 6 of 8 tournaments (allowing for two "throw out" tournaments in any one year) will be counted for cumulative year-end points for awards, and to be eligible for the November fish-off (all show-up points will be kept).

Section 2 - Entry Fees

            A - Big Fish $10.00 per day for each entrant.  Big fish pot goes to the entrant with the biggest fish.

            B - Entry fee is $100.00 per boat

                              The $100.00 entry fee will be split 10% to the club, 10% toward the November fish-off, and 80% split by the top finishers based on the following payback matrix:

                                1-4 teams                     one place                     100%

                                5 teams                         two places                    60% - 40%

                                6 - 9 teams                   three places                  50% - 30% - 20%

                               10 - 13 teams                four places                    40% - 30%- 20% - 10%

                               14 - 16 teams                five places                     35% - 30% - 20% - 10% - 5%

                               17 - 19 teams                six places                      35% - 25% - 15% - 12% - 8% - 5%  

            C - Payback Matrix for the fish-off tournament will be 50% for 1st, 30% for 2nd, and 20% for 3rd place.

            D.  All tournament entries are due upon the meeting date of the schedule tournament.  If unable to make it to meeting, make sure you make arrangements to have entries in to Treasurer upon  the                          meeting date.

Section 3 - Tournament Schedule

The Tournament Director shall prepare an annual tournament schedule for the next year and submit copies for all members attending the October meeting, at which time, the1st tournament date will be finalized and approved, remaining schedule will be finalized and approved during the first meeting of the year.  Tournament dates, once set, are final.  Lakes may be indicated by "TBA" due to unknown lake conditions, etc.  The choice of TBA lakes may be voted on and decided at the monthly meeting prior to the tournament by a majority of the members present.  It will take a majority vote by the club members desiring to fish a tournament to change any tournament that has been adopted as part of the original schedule.  The location of the Fish-Off tournament will be chosen by a majority of the club members during a meeting in September after the Professional Tournament Schedules have been published.

Section 4 - Tournament Length

All tournaments will be a minimum of 8 hours.


           A - An annual awards banquet or picnic will be held each year to honor our members and recognize their accomplishments during the year.

            B - Awards and/or trophies will be presented as follows:

                             Team of the Year

                             Big Fish of the Year

                             Heaviest Stringer of the Year

                             2nd highest year-end points

                             3rd highest year-end points

                             4th highest year end points

Note!  In case of a tie in total year-end points following the November tournament, total weight for the year will determine the higher placement.  If total weights are the same, big fish for the year will be the tiebreaker.


*** Kingman Bass Club Tournament Rules ***

1)     Anyone who registers to fish a tournament and is not present at the start of the tournament will forfeit his entry fee.  (In the case of an emergency, notification of any member of the Tournament Committee, prior to start, will waive the rule.)  All entrants must check in with the Tournament Director at the lake on the morning of the tournament.  Check in time and place to be announced at the regular monthly meeting prior to the tournament.  Tournament hours will be announced at the monthly meeting prior to the tournament.

2)       Minimum size fish, largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass, will be determined at the meeting prior to the tournament.  Fish will be measured on the "Golden Rule" this is mounted in the weigh tub with mouth closed and tail pinched and swung.  A short fish will result in the loss of that fish plus one (1) pound deducted from the total weight.  A courtesy check will be allowed upon request of any contestant.  This request must be made prior to placement of fish into the weigh tub.  Once fish are placed in the weigh tub, the fish will be accepted for weigh in as received.  Big fish must be designated.

3)       A maximum of five (5) fish per team is allowed to be weighed.  Exceptions due to local laws will be discussed prior to the tournament.  Any member culling inside the buoy line will be automatically disqualified.

4)      It is each team's responsibility for the care of their catch during the tournament.  There will be a four_ounce penalty (.25 lb.) that will be deducted for each dead fish weighed.  After weigh-in, all live fish will be released in the designated release area for that tournament.  A trophy fish may be kept with the permission of the Tournament Director, although the club prefers a trophy fish be photographed, measured, and released.  One or more dead fish can be kept and not weighed as long as they are kept on ice and not wasted.  Throwing back a dead fish is illegal and could result in disqualification of the team.  In no case can a team possess more than the state legal limit.

5)     There will only be one official point for weigh-in.  That location will be determined by the Weigh Master and the Tournament Director and communicated at the meeting prior to the tournament.  Teams not at the check point by the designated time for the end of the tournament will be penalized at the rate of eight (8) ounces per minute they are late.  Anyone over fifteen (15) minutes late will be disqualified.  If a boat breaks down, the team may wave down another team or boat and hand their fish (properly marked) to said person or persons to deliver to the weigh-in site on time, and they will receive full credit for their catch.  The late rule applies in all cases.

6)     There will be no fishing in any designated off limits areas, such as study areas, gas docks, etc.  Any special "off limit" circumstances will be announced by the Tournament Director at morning check-in.

7)     Only artificial baits/lures my be used.  No live baits or prepared baits will be permitted, with the exception of pork rinds and gulp.

8)     Only one rod and reel may be used at one time.  A cast and retrieve must be completed before another rod and reel can be used.

9)     No trolling, in the true sense of the word is allowed (using the big motor).

10)   All fishing must be done from the boat.  No bank walking is allowed.  You may not leave the boat to push or pull the boat into or out of a fishing area.

11)   Fishing is not permitted within a fifty (50) foot sphere of another contestant unless all parties agree.  With the exception that two boats working the same shoreline in opposite directions,  may pass without being in violation.

12)   No alcoholic beverages may be consumbed during the tournament.  Tournament shall be deemed to run from 12:01 a.m. until the completion of the contestants' weigh-in and release of catch.  Illegal drugs will not be permitted an any time.  Drunkeness will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

13)   Safe boating and Sportsmanship shall be a primary consideration.  Any act of a contestant that reflects poorly on the club may result in immediate disqualifiaction.

14)   All Game and Fish Department and lake regulations must be adhered to.  Any contestant ejected or cited by lake officials may be disqualified from the tournament.

15)   In order to provide each contestant equal advantage for tournament fishing, all boats shall be equipped with a standard motor, electric trolling motor, and a properly aerated live-well space to adequately maintain a limit catch of bass.  Pontoon and ski boats are not acceptable.  Every boat must have all required Coast Guard Safety Equipment, such as bilge pump, fire extinguisher, throw ring (cushion), etc.  Every boat must be legally registered in any state; also, all boats will have current liability insurance coverage and proof of that coverage registered with the Treasurer prior to any event.  The Tournament Director will have the responsibility for determining whether aeration and capacity for 2 contestants are adequate.

16)   All participants must wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device at all times when the boat is on plane.  Their personal flotation device must be zippered, buckled, or snapped (worn as designated for proper use) when in use.  An operable kill switch must be attached to the operator's life vest or clothing.  The non-boater is responsible for checking the kill switch at the beggining of the tournament.

17)    The weight of the Team's fish, minus any penalties, determines the place of finish.  In case of a tie, big fish breaks the tie.  If a tie cannot be broken, duplicate points will be awarded.

18)    Points wll be awarded 1st through 35th place.  There will be no bonus points awarded for big fish.  In addition to placement points one (1) point will be awarded for each pound of fish weighed in, minus penalties.  The points wll be the same as the weight, 7.23 pounds will be awarded 7.23 points and so on.  There will also be five (15) points awarded to each team attending the tournament.

19)    All protests concerning tournament rule violations must be submitted immediately verbally to a Tournament Committee member, the President, or Tournament Directors.  In case of a protest, the Tournament Director may appoint a grievance committee to make a decision regarding said protest.  Decisions wll be made by Board of Directors present.

These tournament rules are part of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Kingman Bass Club.


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